Odyssey–Lydia’s Busy 2015 Schedule

I’m sure Medicare would prefer people don’t have to go through this obviously broken system.

Jan. 30 in board and care
Jan. 31 in UCLA Reagan
Feb.1-18 in Sherman Oaks Hospital
Feb.18-25 in board and care
Feb. 25-28 in Los Robles Hospital
Feb. 28-March 23 in Sherman Oaks Hospital
March 23-30 in West Hills Rehabilitation
March 30-April 4 in Sherman Oaks Hospital
April 4-May 20 in Studio City Rehabilitation
May 19-20 UCLA Reagan
May 20-June 5 Southern California Hospital Culver City/Brotman
June 5-9 Sherman Oaks Hospital
6/9 Courtyard Plaza, ironically the same name as the office complex of her first neurologist, but not in LA County.

One thought on “Odyssey–Lydia’s Busy 2015 Schedule

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